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A list of websites devoted to persons in the world of Jewish music.

  • An article about chazzan Moshe Stern by Gershon Levin.
  • An article about the accomplishments of tenor Joseph Schmidt, both in Opera and Synagogue.
  • Short biography of bass Hermann Schey. He was the first voice teacher of Hans Bloemendal.
  • An article about the outstanding Jewish Dutch singer Michel Gobets, who was murdered in the Shoah.
  • An article about chazzan Emil Zrihan by George Robinson.
  • Website with the music of chazzan Jacobo Schkliar.
  • Site of chazzan Chaim Adler.
  • Website of chazzan Shmuel Barzilai.
  • Website of chazzan Benjamin Muller. He discusses his favourite chazzanim and what he finds great in their work; he also lists a couple of common reciting pitfalls.
  • Videos and mp3s of concerts of chazzan Moshe Bazian.
  • David Polnauer issued a CD "Bo'i Bescholom" with chazzanut from the great Hungarian cantors, among which Salomon Stern. Listen to some mp3s from this CD.
  • Some information on chazzan Abraham David Fuchs with a sound sample.
  • Homepage of chazzan Joseph Malovany.
  • A foundation dedicated to the composer David Nowakowsky.
  • Some biographical notes on musicologist Abraham Zevi Idelsohn and the history of Havah Nagilah.
  • The grandson of the former Dutch chazzan Wolf Reisel created a website, telling the story of his family.
  • A foundation dedicated to the classical composer Leo Smit, who was murdered in the Shoah.
  • Homepage of David Eric Reinwald, a cantorial student at HUC.
  • Website dedicated to the history of the former Russian Society for Jewish music, and the composers associated with it.
  • Homepage dedicated to Yiddish singer Leo Fuld with two mp3s.
  • Homepage of chazzan Sam Weiss, a renown expert in the field of cantorial music.
  • Homepage of the Zemel Choir and the Zamir Chorale, two of the finest Jewish mixed voice choirs in the world. Elihu Feldman describes the history of the Zamir Chorale.
  • Article on Lazar Weiner, the great composer of Yiddish art music.
  • Jewry in Music, excellent site devoted to Meyerbeer, Mendelssohn, Halevy and other Jewish composers.
  • Article about Salamone Rossi (1570-1630), the first Jewish composer of classical music.
  • Article about Flory Jagoda, the Flame of Ladino Music.
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