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04 January 2006


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Chazzanut Online - Heymann

Isaac Heymann,
Psalms for Men's Choir


Table of Contents

Isaac Heymann
  1. Psalm 117 (Halalu Et Hasheim) [midi]
  2. Psalm 100 (Mizmor Letodah) [midi]
  3. Psalm 61 (Yamim 'Al Yemei Melekh)
  4. Psalm 150 (Halalu Eil Bekodsho) [midi]

Fred Blumenthal commented:

"The Heymann psalm settings are particularly interesting for those of us who love choral music, and especially men's chorus music. In the U.S. the setting of psalm 150 for mixed voices by Lewandowski is very popular in Jewish choral music circles, but Heymann's setting is even grander!"

Courtesy of Ros. Library, Univ. of Amsterdam.

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